The Canadian Academy of Futbol was founded in January of 2012 by a group of forward thinking individuals from within the Canadian soccer community. Their vision was to provide a superior soccer environment for the Canadian youth to learn and excel with the world’s most popular sport. That desire to improve the soccer culture in Canada led to the creation of CAF.

CAF is a long-term development structure that provides promising players with a clear path for excelling in the pyramid of play with the peak of this pyramid being to play professionally or at the Canadian or American University/College level. CAF supports player’s aspirations through top-level instruction, organization and competition.

CAF also supports coaches and referees in their desire to improve their skills and develop. CAF also recognizes that all individuals involved in soccer are looking to excel and to continue to improve their ability to facilitate the game we all love. It is the mission of CAF that its members aspire to the highest of professional standards which encompass licensed coaches, elite training and a high level of competition throughout the year!

Announcement: Registration Now Open

Why Join CAF?

The Canadian Academy of Futbol offers programs for ages 7 through 21 and Adult Recreational. Teams from all over the province come to develop and compete in one of the few Leagues that still offers Scores, Standings and Statistics at all ages the way the game was designed to play.

With as many as 130 Teams joining for seasonal Indoor and Outdoor play CAF has become a premier spot for player development and promotion and for competition and fun. 

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