Hot! Why should you play indoor soccer?

It is a well-known fact that the best way to become a better soccer player is to play soccer. This seems like a very simple concept, but it becomes murky when you factor in the real-life conditions that are keeping you from performing at your best. The most significant condition that you are likely battling in your quest to become the best you can be? Winter. While winter certainly has its positives, the snow is less than ideal for soccer players. Your favorite pitch is covered in a thick layer of that cold white stuff for three months and then it is mud for another two months. That means that Canadian weather is keeping you from the game you love for a minimum of five months (it could be more!).

That sucks, but let’s look at it from another angle: indoor soccer. For many players, indoor soccer in the winter months is an afterthought, but playing inside can make a massive difference in the development of your game. But how?

-Indoor soccer keeps your conditioning peak-

The best way to get faster to a loose ball? Run towards a loose ball. The best way to beat a defender down the wing? Beat a defender down the wing three times a game. The best way to become the most resilient defender in the league? Defend. You get the point. Indoor soccer keeps the muscles you use every game in peak performance. While the rest of your league is trying to catch up for the first three weeks of the season, you will already be in playoff shape.

-The game is faster-

In the CAF indoor leagues there is a maximum of seven players per side. This means that you will spend more time with the ball at your feet, and you will have to make quicker decisions. When the outdoor season comes around, you will be able to interpret plays before they happen and identify the correct play before your opponent has time to catch their breath. The game’s speed will also force you to focus more on the fundamentals and the correct way to play the game.

-Controlled weather-

The indoor game has no sun, no wind and no other weather elements to contend with. It is a pure skill on skill contest. To become the best, you have to play against the best.

-Smaller nets-

Another way that indoor soccer impacts the way you develop as a player is that since it is played on a smaller field, the nets are smaller and goalkeepers have more influence on whether the ball goes in the net or not. This forces players to shoot more, develop a more powerful and accurate strike and opportunities must be capitalized upon.

-Become a more unified team and have fun-

Every soccer player knows that there is an adjustment period when playing with a new team. You have to learn your teammates’ strengths, weaknesses, where the like to position themselves during play and what their passing tendencies are. The more a team plays together, the better they become. They become a more cohesive unit and are able to overcome adversity much better than a new team.

Indoor soccer is fun, fast-paced and it will help you become a better player. The best part, however, is that registration is now open! You can sign up here.