Hot! Impressive Team Set to Head Overseas For The Lazio Cup in Italy


With less than two weeks until the kickoff to the Lazio Cup in Italy, the players selected for the 2000 U17 Squad have embarked on some exciting preparations.

Lazio team

The Lazio Cup CAF United Players were invited by TFC as on the Field Flag Bearers at the TFC game vs the Houston Dynamo

Their weekend only got better as following Coach Vladimir and Coach Hafiz professional tactical and technical video session. The CAF United team followed it up by implementing their teachings, with a  GREAT PERFORMANCE against the Under 18  North Scarborough 1999 OYSL Indoor 2017 Ontario Cup Champions (and strong contender to win the Under 18  1999 OYSL Outdoor League) playing to a 0-0 Draw, with CAF United creating many clear opportunities to score and win the game.

If the CAF United Lazio Cup team continues to work together and support each other the way they did in the prep they will represent themselves, CAF United FC and, Canada very well overseas.

All of the CAF family wishes them the best of luck as they head over to Italy to take on World competition in the Lazio Cup in the next few weeks