Hot! Count Down to Kick Off CAF 2017-2018 Indoor


As the CAF Indoor 2017-2018 Season is set to kick off for many divisions on November 11th and the rest the following week, teams must ensure that they are ready to go and eligible to start the season.

Team Registration

All Teams must be registered in TeamSnap and in good standing. Each team was sent a Registration Email to ensure the process for proper team registration

Player Registration

All Players must be registered in CAF TeamSnap portal to be eligible to play. Teams can have players register on their own or can submit the roster to CAF Office for Bulk Uploads into the System. All Fees are Due prior to November 11th in order for players to be eligible to be puton gamesheets


All Teams must have their players Head and Shoulder shots in TeamSnap to formulate Game Sheets. Again a bulk template can be used and sent to CAF or players and parents can upload their own photos to TeamSnap

Please refer to the Registration Deadline email you should have received. For inquiries or assistance contact us directly.