Hot! CAF Welcomes Berlin FA to the Family

“Believe and Achieve”


The goal at Berlin Football is to provide professional football training to every player with an opportunity to play soccer at a the highest level in a safe, respectful and supportive environment that encourages the development of soccer skills, the enjoyment of the game and potentially an academic future while still playing soccer.

 Berlin FA Focuses on 3 Main Components


Professionalism and commitment from all staff members. • Enjoyable and respectful environment that will enable football players to fulfil their potential. • Encourages fair play, moral and ethical behaviour • Promotes high level and fair competition


Promotes high level and fair competition • Promotes brilliant level in football and academics.


Promotes long-term player development (LTPD). • Promotes team and personal skill development through appropriate training and competition. • Promotes opportunities to progress in football thorough our elite and professional program and relationships with other academies and universities.