Hot! CAF United FC Sending 7 teams to the Ontario Cup

The Ontario Cup, one of the oldest soccer tournaments in the country, is fast approaching and CAF United FC will have seven teams participating in this year’s event. This tournament brings together all the best teams from across the province competing in over 20 divisions. The U13 division will be an exciting one, as two CAF United FC clubs, CAQ and One Touch Soccer will be competing and potentially going head to head. The U14 division will have Ginga in the mix and Bri FC will be competing in the U15 division. CAF United FC will be represented in the U16 and U17 divisions by Niagara Academy and Toronto Youth FC respectively. The seventh CAF team participating in the Ontario Cup will be the CAF United FC Selects in the Mens open division.

All of these CAF clubs are of an elite level and will all be going to the tournament with one goal in mind, to bring back the championship and proudly represent CAF.

Ontario Cup Banner