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We would like to welcome Merit Travel as part of the CAF family!

  Merit Travel has been carefully selected as a preferred partner to CAF. This appointment means that CAF members will now have access to exclusive travel services catered to any need.  CAF members will benefit from experienced travel consultation and professional travel management solutions for all individual and CAF-sanctioned domestic and international trips. Through direct phone and e-mail contact, members will be able to reach CAF-dedicated travel consultants ready to service individual, team, and family travel. Enjoy unique value benefits, travel discounts with select tour operators, and the peace of mind that comes with Merit Travel’s 24/7 emergency travel support.

 Merit Travel Consultants will do everything they can to surpass your travel needs and ensure your planning and trip experience is flawless. To contact the Merit Travel Consultant dedicated for CAF members, call 1-866-341-1777 or visit for more information.