CAF Announces New Partnership with Wiz Kid Coding | CAF

The Canadian Academy of Futbol is extremely proud to announce a new partnership with Wiz Kid Coding. This partnership will allow CAF families to access Wiz Kid courses at special prices and discounts that are not available to members of the public.


So What is Wiz Kid Coding?



Wiz Kid Coding is an education technology company that specializes in providing innovative coding and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs to children ages 3 to 18. With groundbreaking learn-through-play and interdisciplinary approach to coding and STEAM, Wiz Kid provides children with the necessary digital, processing and learning skills to succeed and create positive change in our increasingly digitized global economy.
In Wiz Kid’s programs, children learn to code as well as develop critical J.A.D.E skills (Judgment, Analytical, Diagnostic, Evaluative) which are essential to supporting their near-term academic success and opening new professional pathways for success. With our interdisciplinary approach to coding & STEAM education, we strive to transform children from mere consumers of technology to the tech innovators of the future.

What does this partnership mean for you?

On the surface, CAF athletes and their families will receive access to programs and pricing that would normally be unavailable. If we look deeper, we can find the ways that this partnership helps our athletes prepare for their futures. CAF has helped young athletes realize their athletic potential through hard work and dedication on and off the field This partnership with Wiz Kid Coding, allows us to better prepare our athletes for life after soccer. Students in Wiz Kid’s programs will learn skills and techniques that are highly valuable in today’s workplace and they will be better prepared to tackle difficult intellectual problems and continue working on difficult tasks that they would have otherwise given up on.


How can I learn more?

You can learn more about Wiz Kid’s fantastic programs by visiting their website(Click Here)

Or you can contact the Wiz Kid team by phone or email;

Phone: (844)-884-9709 or (647)-689-2551

Don’t forget to mention your affiliation with CAF!